First Screening of the Final Trailer and Character-Posters for The Scythian

December 27, 2017

Character-posters and the final trailer for The Scythian, scheduled for release on January 18. Producer Sergey Selyanov: “This is not, strictly speaking, a historic film, even though the events that unfold in it take place a millennia ago. It’s a fantasy film heavily based on the events of our distant past…”

Largest Russian Film Distributors Form an Association

September 18, 2017
Six largest film distribution companies have joined efforts to form the Association of Film Distributors. The members of the Association are: Vadim Smirnov (20th Century Fox CIS), Alexey Ryazantsev (Karo Premiere), Sergey Selyanov (Nashe Kino), Anton Sirenko (Walt Disney Studios...

First Screening of The Partner

September 12, 2017
On September 11, "Karo Oktyabr 11" hosted the premiere screening of the science-fiction comedy The Partner, the first Russian film project featuring a hundred-percent CG protagonist. Actor Sergey Garmash lent his voice and facial expressions to...

Karlovy Vary Film Review: ‘Arrhythmia’

July 4, 2017
Russian director Boris Khlebinov's compelling, engagingly acted new drama takes a failing marriage into the emergency room. Proving that not all Russian relationship dramas have to be gloomy Chekhovian chamber pieces, writer-director Boris Khlebnikov returns to Karlovy Vary, where both...

A Follow Up on the Premiere Screening of Petersburg. A Selfie in Moscow

September 14, 2016
On September 13, KARO Oktyabr Center held the premiere screening of Petersburg. A Selfie. The film was introduced by the following cast and crew members: directors Renata Litvinova, Avdotia Smirnova, Natalia Kudriashova, Natalia Nazarova, producers Sergey Selianov and Natalia Drozd, actresses...

Today Is Producer Sergey Selyanov’s Birthday

August 21, 2016
The man behind over 120 films, more than a hundred awards from all over the world, most culturally significant films of the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s. The creator of CTB Film Company, Melnitsa Studio, and Nashe Kino distribution company, producer...

Reviews of Petersburg. A Selfie

June 8, 2016
The film Petersburg. A Selfie, which premiered on June 6 at the opening of the 27th Russian Kinotavr Film Festival, attracted a great deal of attention from the press. Metro, June 8, 2016 The 27th kinotavr opened with the screening...

Today Is Animation Day in Russia!

April 8, 2016
April 8 is National Animation Day in Russia. The world’s first puppet animation film, The Beautiful Leukanida by Vladislav Starevich, was premiered on this day in 1912. For CTB Film Company this day is undoubtedly close to home. For over...