CTB Film Company is the biggest Russian privately-owned film production company that is known for its award-winning original content.

For nearly 30 years, CTB has created an impressive portfolio of 160 feature films, TV shows, animated movies and series, documentaries.The company has 4 Academy Award nominations, as well as a solid number of top awards from renowned international film festivals.

CTB Film Company was founded by legendary Russian producer Sergey Selyanov in 1992. Sergey Selyanov is also the Head of Russian Association of Motion Pictures and TV Producers, he received Producer’s AMPA and Winner of 2021 FIAPF Award for outstanding achievement in Asia Pacific regions among his other numerous awards.

CTB actively explores new technologies including VR and Interactive in order to bring out the best quality in its productions. The motto of the company is “Let hundreds of flowers bloom” that means that we proactively work with different genres and experiment with various formats expressing different ideas and facing new challenges in the movie industry.