December 4, 2013

Lyubov Arkus’s “Anton’s Right Here” Continues to Win International Recognition

The annual IDA Documentary Awards ceremony will take place on December 6 in Los Angeles, USA. This is the most prestigious event in the world of documentary film-making. It recognizes and honors achievements in the following categories: Creative Recognition, Best Feature, Best Short, Humanitas Documentary, Best Limited Series, Best Continuing Series, Student Documentary, and Best Script.

The movie Anton’s Right Here was nominated along with three other features in the Humanitas Documentary category. This award is given to a film that explores the hopes and fears of human beings who are very different in culture, race, lifestyle, political loyalties and religious beliefs in order to break down the walls of ignorance that separate us.

The International Documentary Association (IDA) was founded in 1982. It has 2,000 members in 53 countries. It helps to advocate for, protect and advance the legal rights of artists, documentary filmmakers, and journalists. IDA organizes screenings of the best documentary films in the USA, lectures and seminars, and publishes a quarterly journal sent to 200 libraries, members of the associations, and 20,000 subscribers around the world.

The Russian documentary film Anton’s Right Here is film critic Lyubov Arkus’ debut as a film director. The film was produced by Seance Workshop and CTB Film Company. It was released in 2012.