August 14, 2015

“Brother Dejan” is the Winner of the Window on Europe Film Festival

We are excited to tell you that Brother Dejan by Bakur Bakuradze won the Grand Prix at the Window on Europe Film Festival in the Co-Production category.

Brother Dejan is the story of the last twelve months of life of the former general of the civil war, Dejan Stanić. For ten years he was forced to hide from justice in various undisclosed military bases before he finally found refuge in a village house of an old man named Slavko. Suffering from extreme isolation, alone against the entire world, General Stanić must face his destiny. In these times of trouble, Slavko becomes the only close person to him. The film looks at the psychological consequences of the civil war, examines the problem of illusory power, and poses the question of crime and punishment.

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Author: Ivan Kudryavtsev