February 14, 2020

“Compartment No 6” by Juho Kuosmanen has begun filming in Saint-Petersburg

We would like to remind that the feature film debut of Kuosmanen was “The happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki” – the winner of the competition Un Certain Regard of the Cannes Film Festival 2016.

Writers: Andris Feldmanis, Livia Ulman, with the participation of Juho Kuosmanen
Russian dialogues: Lubov Mulmenko
Director of photography: J-P Passi (Chernobyl HBO)
Starring: Seidi Haarla, Yuriy Borisov (The Bull, Invasion), Julia Auge, Dinara Drukarova

Genre is stated by the creators as drama/romance

Producer: Jussi Rantamäki Co-producers: Riina Sildos, Natalya Drozd-Makan, Sergey Selyanov, Jamila Wenske
Production: Finland, Estonia, Russia, Germany. Companies: CTB Film Company (Russia), Aamu Film Company (Finland), Amrion OÜ (Estonia), Achtung Panda! (Germany). With the assistance of Finnish Film Foundation, YLE, ARTE, Estonian Film Institute, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, MEDIA, Eurimages.

The shooting will be taking place till March 31 2020 in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Murmansk, Olenegorsk and Teriberka.

Synopsis: The end of 1990s. Laura, a Finnish student, takes the train from Moscow to Murmansk to see the ancient rock paintings. Her only company in the compartment is a miner Vadim, a desolate uncheerful man. The long road brings them closer together. The long railroad. But Vadim and Lora have more in common than just a compartment: they both feel themselves excluded in this world.

Natalya Drozd-Makan (co-producer): “This project has created a strong international team. Despite the fact that the director and the cast are from Finland, the entire action of the film takes place in Russia and the original language is Russian. The main lead will be performed by Yuriy Borisov, who was noticed by Juho Kuosmanen in the film “The Bull” in Karlovy Vary. Since the writers are Estonian, we have invited Luba Mulmenko to write Russian dialogues. As for me, the main reference of this film is “Lost in Translation” – the story of two totally different people getting closer together, the story full of tenderness and comic. I also would like to highlight that our participation in the project became possible thanks to the competition on minority coproduction in 2019 organized by the Ministry of Culture. The release is preliminarily planned on the fall 2021”.