August 19, 2020

“Cosmoball”: premiere of the final trailer and character posters

We are glad to present to you the final trailer and character posters of the family fiction action film “Cosmoball”. Release date is August 27th, 2020!

“Cosmoball” is fiction action film for the entire family. Great adventures. First love. Real friendship.

This is the first global film release since the lockdown and temporary closing of all the movie theatres.

2071. Galactic wars have destroyed the Moon and changed the climate on the Earth. Now tropical forests are covering Moscow, while New York is iced all over. A huge alien ship towers over Moscow – it is the stadium where spectacular intergalactic Cosmoball competitions take place. The game combines both sport and gladiator fights. When the game is on, the whole world stops in its tracks to watch it. The players are called Athletes, only they are allowed to contest because of their powers and ability to control them. Everyone adores Cosmoball except Anton – a regular guy who wants to find a job to help his family. But once he reveals his powers and gets to the worlds Cosmoball team. Now he’s one of the Athletes. Anton has no idea what special role is destined for him, and that the final game will become the battle for the Earth.

The script is written by Andrey Rubanov, Dzhanik Fayziev, Drew Rau and Twister Murchison. Cinematographer of the film is Maksim Osadchiy, production designer is Alexander Popov. Visual effects for the film were created by Main Road Post Studio (CEO is Arman Yahin), which has previously worked on the world creation in the film “Attraction” directed by Fedor Bondarchuk as well as on graphics of the films “The Duelist”, “Stalingrad” and “August. Eight”.

Starring: Evgeny Romantsov (“Junior League”), Victoria Agalakova (“To the Lake”), Maria Lisovaya, Ivan Ivanovich, Elizaveta Taichenacheva and Evgeny Mironov as the coach of the Cosmoball team, Elena Yakovleva, Mikhail Yefremov, Yan Tsapnik, Svetlana Ivanova.

Dzhanik Fayziev – director, producer: “We wanted to make a film for the entire family to watch – big, bright, interesting. For those who like fiction, tales and, funny enough, soccer. Because when the characters – those boys – play Cosmoball, it reminds us of soccer. “Cosmoball” isn’t only about the future and the sports, it is also about friendship, love and belief. Because when you believe in your strength, you can even fight the apocalypse and become a superhero”.

Luminescence company takes care for the international distribution of “Cosmoball”. The film is sold to American cinemas as “Cosmoball”. The film will be also on the screens of France, Germany, Spain, Japan and Latin American countries.

Character posters:

The characters:

Anton – Evgeny Romantsov
A guy who was raised without a father, who, most likely, is the only one who hates Cosmoball on the Earth. Anton only thinks of his ill mother and how to prolong her life. He has to steal drugs from chemists shops, which are important and specially protected objects now. Ironically, he is gifted with a teleportation skill, which isn’t mastered by him yet. He is destined to become a team leader and the main protector of the Earth.

“We are similar in some ways with Anton – says about his character Evgeny Romantsov – I admit that I am as stubborn as he is. I am as pushy as him if it is about pursuing my goals. I can face my fears. Although, I would probably watch Cosmoball if I were him. Anton has super-tasks and the main person in his life is his mom. She is the only one who he can talk to openly. It was really important for me – who would play her part and when I met Elena Yakovleva for the first time, we hugged. It was nice. We had a lot of things to talk about and I’m lucky that I got to work with her”.

Natasha – Victoria Agalakova
Unrealistically beautiful girl, a young leader of the Earth’s team, who dedicated her entire life to sports. Young, decisive and brave, she is used to winning. Victoria Agalakova were doing ballet, acrobatics and choreography since she was 6, which came in handy during shootings of dynamic scenes with wire-flying.

“When my mom found out that I would have to learn how to play soccer she laughed so hard. Since I was a kid I was so bad at any games with balls, I would catch a ball with anything but my hands – recalls Victoria Agalakova – when preparing to the project I tried to get in with a ball, I was playing with it all over the house and after I broke a vase on the balcony, I gave up. However, it was okay on the sets because we didn’t have a ball itself, we were playing with another equipment, so I guess I’m lucky”.

Fun – Elizaveta Taichenacheva
The smallest one in the team, little Fun can easily trick the opponent, brushing pust him, but gets tired quickly. The part was performed by a 12-year-old gymnast, the winner of international competition on free calisthenics – Elizaveta Taichenacheva. Liza goes to children’s and youth sport school of Olimpic Reserve “the Youth of Moscow”.

“I’m also positive as Fun and look for the positive side in every situation – says Elizaveta Taichenacheva – I was really afraid of Dzhanik, when I first saw him at the casting. But then he told me about my heroine, Cosmoball, the stadium, then about his childhood, travelling and I felt better, I got used to him. Physically the shootings weren’t hard for me, but I had never played in a movie before and it was a mystery for me – how to imagine yourself in such different situations. So I watched the guys act – Zhenya, Vika, Vanya and got how to do that”.

Pele – Ivan Ivanovich
Pele is a masterful frontman born in Brazil, that is covered in snow. He is the strongest and the fastest in the team. He is used to take care of the girls – Natasha and little Fun. Neck and part of Pele’s face are covered in ethnic tattoos – pride of the film’s makeup artist. The part of Pele was Ivan Ivanovich’s debut as an actor of a feature film. The actor of the theatre of Roman Vitkuyk, finished RITA – GITIS.

“During the shootings in Dzhanik’s office there were sketches of the stadium with all the details – recalls Ivan Ivanovich – And still, I had a fear – how would I act when you have to imagine everything that surrounds you? When I first came to the huge blue studio, I got afraid – you are so small and the studio is so big. It is a good thing that we were in the team and were helping each other to fill in the process and find yourself in the shot”.

Belo, the coach – Evgeny Mironov
The Earth’s team is being coached by an alien genius scientist with long white hair and purple eyes. Belo has his own interest on the Earth and in the team – he’s the only one who truly understands what evil they are fighting and the winning has become his purpose.

“I like the character – there are many interesting sides of him – says Evgeny Mironov – Our film is a fantastic incredible entertainment for the entire family. We are really glad that now the spectators can watch the film in cinemas with their kids. We are waiting for you in the cinemas all over the country”.

Anya – Maria Lisovaya
Anton meets Anya in the rookery of tropical Moscow, hiding from the police. She hates Cosmoball as much as Anton does. Forward and decisive, she tries to push him to a drastic rebellion.

“My heroine is very interesting, complex, she’s a goodie and a baddy at the same time. When I read the script I was feeling compassion towards her the most. A month before the shootings we started trainings: jumping with wire ropes and climbing the walls. I had never done something like that before. My suit was really heavy and my motions were wooden, but I tried hard to make all the tricks myself. My stuntman replaced me only when it came to the hardest tricks. Yes, it was really tough physically, yet very interesting to participate in such a Hollywood-level project”.

Anton’s mother – Elena Yakovleva
Anton’s mom is really sick, the drugs that are accessible for the people of Earth can’t help her. Anton becomes an athlete to save her.

“We worked with Dzhanik together for the first time, but I had a feeling that I’ve known him for my entire life. He has a unique talent to hold together a strong team, which participants are all in love with the material and ready to go in for any experiments with the director”.

Production: Bonanza Studios, CTB Film Company, Main Road|Post, with support from the Film Foundation
Producers: Dzhanik Fayziev, Sergey Selyanov
Director: Dzhanik Fayziev
Age limit: 6 +
Release date: August 27th, 2020
Executive producer: Innokentiy Malinkin
Writers: Andrey Rubanov, Dzhanik Fayziev, Drew Rau , Twister Murchison
Cinematographer: Maksim Osadchiy
Production designer: Alexander Popov
Costume designer: Tatyana Knyajeva, Sergey Shichkin
Makeup artist: Natalia Nikiforova
Prosthetics: Yuri Zhukov, Maxim Isachenko (FX-Art)
Film editor: Rodion Nikolaychuk
Composer: Tony Neiman
Stunt coordinator: Valeriy Derkach
Starring: Evgeny Mironov, Mikhail Yefremov, Elena Yakovleva, Svetlana Ivanova, Evgeny Romantsov, Victoria Agalakova, Maria Lisovaya, Ivan Ivanovich, Elizaveta Taichenacheva, Svetlana Permyakova, Yan Tsapnik, Yuriy Kutsenko and others