April 18, 2017

CTB Film Company Finished Principal Photography for “Agent Emerson”, a Virtual Reality Film by Director Ilya Rozhkov

CTB Film Company has finished principal photography for “Agent Emerson”, a virtual reality film by director Ilya Rozhkov. The shooting took place in Louisiana and Los Angeles.

“Agent Emerson” is an adventure and action movie, which heavily uses a specialized stereoscopic camera designed by Galaxy Vision. The new IC-Cam (Identity Capture Camera) offers a 360º first-person view of the action, creating a unique immersion experience for the viewer.

Ilya Rozhkov is a young director, a recent graduate of the New York Film Academy. He was born and grew up in Moscow, Russia, but moved to California in 2013. His first short film, We Are Enemies (2014), which he made while still attending classes at the Academy, won several awards, including the Best of the Fest at the 54th Rochester International Film Festival. His next short, Saber Dance (2015), about the meeting of Salvador Dali and composer Armen Khachaturian, competed in over 25 film festivals globally and received many awards, including Best Film, Best Director, and Best Actor. Currently, Ilya Rozhkov’s company SERIEN, is involved in developing a number of VR projects, including feature-length films.

“Agent Emerson” will also become the pilot episode of an original VR TV series, Identity Experience.

Producers: Sergey Selyanov (CTB Film Company), Cathy Twigg, Pete Blumel (Rogue Initiative), and Ilya Rozhkov

Starring: Lyndsy Fonseca (How I Met Your Mother), Tony Denison (Major Crimes)

The story centers around a CIA agent who decides to quit the agency and extricate himself from the experimental program, in which all participants are under complete control of someone known only as The General (Denison). The protagonist has to fight his way to obtaining independence, responsibility for his own actions, and slipping out of the grip of secret services. Alex Emerson (Fonseca) helps the protagonist in his challenges.

“I began collaborating with Ilya after I watch his three shorts,” says producer Sergey Selyanov. “Those were strong and interesting films, and I took a mental note of him as a promising young director. Then he pitched the idea of “Agent Emerson” to me, I got interested, and we began collaborating. CTB has always paid special attention to young creative talents. We’re always eager to take them onboard. And virtual reality films undoubtedly represent a breakthrough in filmmaking. We have a great team: Ilya, Rogue Initiative, wonderful actors, and the camera crew. I believe we’re going to bring a new ear of technical possibilities to the film industry.”

“I’m excited by the new depths for immersing into a virtual reality that offers us a unique opportunity for storytelling and takes the viewers’ breath away. I’m lucky that I’m taking part in this project alongside the great team at Rogue Initiative, Sergey Selyanov, and such talented actors as Lyndsy Fonseca and Tony Denison,” says director Ilya Rozhkov.

Rogue Initiative is a Los Angeles–based production company that specializes in combining Hollywood projects with strong storytelling and state-of-the-art technology. In 2016, the company announced its collaboration with director Michael Bay, who is currently involved in working on original content for the virtual reality industry. In April 2017, Rogue Initiative released a virtual reality video game Crowe: The Drowned Armory to promote a new model of VR gear. The company is headed by world-renowned veterans of the entertainment industry, who formerly worked at Amblin Entertainment, Pixar, Dreamworks Animation, Sony Pictures, and Disney. Rogue Initiative plans to produce, show at major film festivals, and distribute its end products for top VR content providers via VR headsets made by the leading manufacturers.

Website: therogueinitiative.com

Identity Capture Camera ®
The virtual reality film was shot using a 3D camera specially designed by Galaxy Vision for Ilya Rozhkov’s project. IC-Cam offers 360º of viewing angle from the first-person perspective, allowing completion immersion into the virtual reality. Viewers will find themselves in the very heart of an experiment, which will allow them to experience the action of a story that is on par with the best James Bond films.

CTB Film Company
CTB Film Company was founded in 1992. The company’s primary activity is the production and promotion of Russia-made feature films. The company is headed by producer Sergey Selyanov. Films by CTB have been presented at many Russian and international film festivals and have received over a hundred awards. Among them the Oscar awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Many of the renowned Russian film directors that have worked with the CTB Film Company are Alexey Balbanov, Sergey Bodrov, Jr., Alexander Rogozhkin, Sergey Bodrov, Sr., Pyotr Buslov, Georgy Danelia, Bakur Bakuradze, Filipp Yankovsky, Pavel Lungin, and others.