July 30, 2020

CTB Film Company has started the shootings of the film “John” by Aleksey Chadov

On July 29th CTB Film Company started the shootings of the debut film “John” by Aleksey Chadov in Moscow.

The writer and director: Aleksey Chadov.

Director of photography: Dzmitry Karnachyk (The Last Warrior).

Starring: Aleksey Chadov (The Bacjout), Kristina Asmus (Text), Viktor Sukhorukov (The Island, Brother), Artyom Tkachenko (Gogol, Soyouz Spaseniya), Vitaly Kishchenko (Chiki), Dzhalil Asretov.

Synopsis: Driven by ethics of brothers-in-arms, Ivan infiltrates brutal battlefields of Syria under the name of OBCE observer John to save his friend and commander. But nothing is predictable at war. Surrounded, Ivan has to escape against all odds saving not only his own life but the lives of a local child and… former enemy.

Aleksey Chadov: “I’ve been waiting for a long time to collect the material for my debut as a director, but I couldn’t find anything that would catch my interest. The last year in February I presented the film of my first director and teacher Aleksey Balabanov in Ekaterinburg. It was the film “War”. I presented it in terms of the days, dedicated to his works. I met young people who were about 18-25 years old. They were truly interested in the film, despite the fact that the “War” is already 19 years old. People thank me for that film a lot. The trip to Ekaterinburg turned out to be a starting point for writing the script. I wanted to tell a story of a man who came back from war, but it wasn’t over for him. I worked on a script for two months and after finishing the first draft, sent it to Sergey Selyanov. To be honest, I hadn’t been that nervous since the acting exam in drama school. Sergey Selyanov liked the script and we continued working on it. It’s important for me that the first film as a director I create with CTB Film Company. I started my career as an actor with the company. It’s a new challenge now”.

The shooting will take place until the end of October.

These are the first shots from the set:

About the film:

Release Date: 2021
Format: Feature film
Genre: drama, action
Producer: Sergey Selyanov
Production: Russia
Companies: CTB Film Company, Film Company “22”, with the support of the Cinema Foundation
Director: Aleksey Chadov
Writer: Aleksey Chadov
Director of photography: Dzmitry Karnachyk
Production designer: Pavel Novikov
Costume designer: Aleksey Kamyshov
Executive producers: Sergey Perepechko, Pavel Popov
Starring: Aleksey Chadov, Kristina Asmus, Viktor Sukhorukov, Artyom Tkachenko, Vitaly Kishchenko, Dzhalil Asretov