February 29, 2016

CTC Media, CTB Film Company, and Melnitsa Announce Partnership in the Area of Production of Children’s Animation

CTC Media, Russia’s leading broadcasting company, CTB Film Company, and Melnitsa animation studio have entered a joint strategic partnership in the area of production of animated content for children.

CTC Media and CTB Film Company will co-finance the production of a new animated TV series for children, Princesses. The project will span several years and will consist of three seasons of 26 episodes each. Melnitsa Studio will carry out the role of the contractor for the animation process.

The key means for monetization of the project will be the licensing of the animated images to other manufacturers. The distribution of profits from the sale of licenses will follow the principle of revenue sharing in proportion to the amount of investments made by CTC Media and CTB Film Company.

The TV channels owned by CTC Media will gain priority rights for broadcasting all the content produced within the framework of the project. Subsequently, the content can be monetized by selling the broadcasting rights to third parties, including TV channels, online streaming and rental services, and other interested parties.

“The production of animated content for children is one of the strategic vectors of development for CTC Media,” says CEO Yuliana Slashcheva. “This will enable us to expand our target audience and diversify our revenues via selling licenses to toy manufacturers. Our partnership with CTB and Melnitsa will help each of us strengthen their positions on the Russian market for children animation.”

“We are happy to welcome our new partners. Together with CTC Media we have been working on a new animated project,” says Sergey Selyanov, CEO of CTB Film Company. “Animation is the prime mover of the film industry at the moment, and there is interest in it coming not only from Russia but around the world, as is evident from the box office success of our animated features, the awards they get at various international festivals, and the tremendous number of views we get on YouTube.”

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Source: Kinobusiness.com