December 18, 2017

First Screening of Animated Feature The Three Heroes and the Egyptian Princess

Formula Kino hosted the first screening of the most successful Russian animated franchise from Melnitsa Animation and CTB Film, The Three Heroes and the Egyptian Princess.

In the theatre’s foyer, children were entertained by full-sized figures of the beloved protagonists: Ilya Moromets, Dobrynia Kikotoch, Alyosha Popovich, and everybody’s favourite Julius the Horse. Children and grownups alike happily snapped pictures with them.

Among the guests of the premiere were actor Anatoly Bely with his wife Anissa Moskvicheva, Natalia Esnikvsaya with her children, Anna Churina and her daughter, Olympic champion Svetlana Zhurova with her son, and Mila Solovieva.

The Three Heroes and the Egyptian Princess is the new instalment of the renowned franchise from Melnitsa Animation and CTB Film Company — the highest-grossing animated film series in the history of Russian animation. A previous instalment, Three Heroes – 6, became the highest-grossing film of 2015, and The Three Heroes and the Sea King, according to the poll by Cinema Foundation, was among the top eight most memorable films of the year. For many families, watching the new adventures of the Three Heroes has become a good New Year’s Eve tradition.

Coming to all theatres on December 28, 2017!

On New Year’s Eve when the Prince was getting ready to deliver his annual end-of-the-year speech, on their way to Alyosha the Heroes meat a strange fellow by the name of Durilo. He turns out to be the Thirteenth Month, whom nobody really wants, but who’s determined to realize his lifelong dream of becoming the most important month of the year. All he needs to do is pretend to be Father Frost, show a few parlour tricks to the gullible Alyosha, befriend the Heroes, and travel to Egypt—the land of pharaohs and ancient pyramids. From then it’s a piece of cake: pyramids, a magic spell, and the Ancient Fire. But it’s not so easy to fulfil your nefarious desires when you have to reckon with not just the Three Heroes, but also their wives, the Prince, Julius the Horse, a fire-breathing dragon, the real Father Frost, and even Queen Nefertiti herself.

Release date: December 28, 2017
Director: Konstantin Feoktistov
Screenplay: Alexander Boyarsky, Svetlana Sachenko
Producers: Sergey Selyanov, Alexander Boyarsky
Company: CTB Film Company, Melnitsa Animation