September 18, 2012

On September 23, principal photography for Ilmar Raag’s new film “I won’t come back” will begin in St. Petersburg

On September 23, principal photography for Ilmar Raag’s new film I won’t come back will begin in St. Petersburg.

Production: CTB Film Company (Russia), Amrion (Estonia), Helskinki-Filmi (Finland), and Belarus-Film (Byelorussia)

Director: Ilmar Raag (The Class, Une Estonienne à Paris)

Producer: Sergey Selianov

Line Producer: Natalia Drozd

The film is based on a script by Yaroslava Pulinovich, the star of “the new drama.” According to producer Natalia Drozd, it took the company a very long time to find a director for I won’t come back. Finally, Estonian director Ilmar Raag, whose film The Class had been acclaimed at many festivals, with distribution rights sold in over 90 countries, agreed to work on the project. The second film by Ilmar Raag, Une Estonienne à Paris, starring Jeanne Moreau, was featured in the main competition in the 2012 Locarno Film Festival and won the Prix du Jury Œcuménique.

Says Natalia Drozd: “I won’t come back is the story of finding a home, a family. Anya, the protagonist,  is a successful young woman who, due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, finds herself in a situation in which she has to flee from the police. She hides in a children’s shelter—fortunately, however, she looks so much younger than her age that she passes as a teenager. At the shelter Anya meets Christine. Together they decide to run away to Christine’s grandmother, who lives in a small town in Kazakhstan. On the road the girls undergo a barrage of traumatic experiences and contradictory feelings toward each other. But it is these difficulties that force Anya to mature and to develop the affinities that define true friendship and family.”

Starring: Polina Poshkaruk (4th year student of Sergey Zhenovach’s GITIS workshop)

First appearance: Victoria Lobacheva

The cinematography is by the Tuomo Hutri from Finland, who has worked in another CTB project—Aku Louhimies’ Naked Harbor (featured at the Moscow International Film Festival).

The principal photography in St. Petersburg will end on October 9. Then the crew will travel to Byelorussia for shooting the “road part” of the film. Finally, in April 2013 the crew will spend four additional days shooting the end scenes in Kazakhstan.

Estimated budget: €1.3 million

Distribution in Russia: Nashe Kino

Source: CTB Film Company