September 18, 2017

Largest Russian Film Distributors Form an Association

Six largest film distribution companies have joined efforts to form the Association of Film Distributors.

The members of the Association are: Vadim Smirnov (20th Century Fox CIS), Alexey Ryazantsev (Karo Premiere), Sergey Selyanov (Nashe Kino), Anton Sirenko (Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing), Pavel Stepanov (Central Partnership), and Vadim Ivanov (Universal Pictures International).

The key goals of the Associations are to:

  • Form favourable conditions for the growth and development of the film screening market and the industry in general;
  • Establish and improve communication and dialogue between business representatives and lawmaking and law-enforcement organizations;
  • Form and commit to paper ethical norms and rules that will improve the business climate in the industry, increase its transparency and investment attractiveness, with a particular emphasis on Russian cinema;
  • Conduct a constructive dialogue with other organizations in groups within the industry, with the goal of satisfying the demand of the existing viewer base, as well as expanding it, by improving the quality of the services on offer.