December 15, 2020

New trailer of the fantasy blockbuster “Upon the Magic Roads”

We are glad to announce that Sony Pictures will screen out fantasy blockbuster “Upon the Magic Roads” produced by CTB Film Company, CGF Studio and TV-channel “Russia 1” on February 18th, 2021.

The main roles were performed by: Pavel Derevyanko (Foal), Anton Shagin (John the Fool), Paulina Andreeva (Tsar Maiden), Yan Tsapnik (Chamberlain of the bedchamber), Oleg Taktarov (Waywode) and Mikhail Efremov (Tsar)

We are presenting to you the new trailer of the film, based on the tale by Petr Ershov.

Synopsis: John’s not a czarevitch, not a hero, not a good looker. Moreover, his older brothers think he’s a fool. Everything changes when John meets his new friend and a loyal helper – Foal. He may be small, but he is brave and intelligent. No enemy is scary with a friend like Foal. Well, almost no enemy. Anything is possible with such a friend. Well, almost anything. John and Foal would have to test their friendship, face a fierce enemy, overcome many difficulties and meet love that worth risking it all. Well, almost all of it.


Upon the Magic Roads
Genre: Adventure, Comedy
Director: Oleg Pogodin
Writer: Alexei Borodachyov, Oleg Pogodin
Cinematographer: Vladimir Bashta
Producer: Sergey Selyanov, Aleksandr Gorokhov, Anton Zlatopolskiy
Production Companies: CTB Film Company, CGF Company, Channel One Russia, with support from the Cinema Foundation of Russia
Visual effects: CGF
Starring: Pavel Derevyanko, Anton Shagin, Andreeva, Yan Tsapnik, Mikhail Efremov, Oleg Taktarov, Andrey Feskov
Audience: 6+

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