June 17, 2015

The Premiere Screening of “Pioneer Heroes” in Moscow

On Tuesday, the film Pioneer Heroes was premiered in Moscow in Pioneer Film Theater.

The film was presented by its director Natalia Kudriashova, producer Sergey Selianov, actress Yola Sanko, star Aleksey Mitin, actor Alexander Yatsko, the young actress Varya Sheblakova, and the film crew.

Among those who came to congratulate the film’s creators were director Irina Volkova, producers Natalia Drozd and Julia Mishkinene, director Natalia Merkulova, screenwriter Aleksey Chupov, photographer Vladimir Mishukov, and many others.

The first screening of Pioneer Heroes took place as part of the Panorama program of the 65th Berlin International Film Festival, followed by the Les Arcs Festival in France. The film was awarded the Best Work-In-Progress prize. After the film was submitted to the Kinotavr Film Festival, it received an award from the Guild of Film Experts and Critics.

The film tells the story of Olga, Katya, and Andrey who have known each other since childhood. They moved to Moscow many years ago and have become successful. Olga is an actress, Katya works for a large-scale PR agency, and Andrey is a political analyst. They buy cars, take mortgages, build country houses. Just like everybody else. But their lives bring them neither happiness nor content. The feeling of “something’s not right but I can’t put my finger on it” underpins the lives of today’s thirty-year-olds. Their childhood took place during the Soviet era, when kids dreamed of becoming heroes, believed in spy stories and a bright future. Yet nobody expected that the dream of becoming a hero would be replaced by the dream of stable and predictable existence. People have stopped dreaming of truly grand things. They just play their roles.

The film’s release date is June 18, 2015.

Photographs from the premiere screening: