May 28, 2015

“Pioneer Heroes” – Press Reviews

“A surprisingly mature debut feature in powerfully arranged images.”
— Berliner Zeitung

“A visually stunning fantasy about the loss of orientation and the new artificial worlds of post-socialist life.”
— Berliner Zeitung

“A lot of things in this beautiful film live from the contrast between the times.”
— Tagesspiegel

“With this film the Berlinale touched on essential issues, in a way that only cinema is capable of, the medium that narrates in thinking images.”
— Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“A poignant and funny film about childhood dreams…

A quirky, nostalgic reminder of the pure-hearted desires of childhood and the broken promise of adulthood, Natalya Kudryashova’s Pioneer Heroes is a tender rumination on an uncertain present unable to capitalise on its past.”
— Dog and Wolf

“Kudryashova, who makes her directorial debut here, moves things along with impressive fluency and makes her point succinctly.

The extensive and tireless propaganda is not mocked but looked on with nostalgic tenderness, its only crime the unrealistically big dreams it made the children dream.”
— Exberliner

“Directed by Russia’s Natalia Kudryashova, the drama turns on the last generation of Russian’s to be born under the Soviet Union, who now in their 30s, no longer believe in Cold War ideology nor inevitable progress to a bright future, but do yearn strongly for something bigger.”
— Variety