March 20, 2014

Petr Buslov Begins Shooting His New Film “Homeland”

CTF Film Company and Aktyabr Film begin principal photography for the new feature-length film Homeland.

Chief producer: Sergey Selyanov
Producers: Sergey Yakhontov, Petr Buslov
Director: Petr Buslov
Director of photography: Fedor Lyass
Screenplay: Andrey Migachev, Aleksey Shipenko

Starring: Petr Fedorov, Lyubov Novikova, Andrey Smoliakov, Pavel Lychnikoff, Andrey Merzlikin, Ekaterina Volkova, Sergey, Badyuk, Alexander Robak, Maksim Lagashkin, Vladimir Sychev, Kirill Kyaro.

Plot Summary: After learning that he is suffering from an advanced stage of cancer, Igor, a rich businessman, decides to spend the last weeks of his life with his 18-year-old daughter Eva. Without explaining anything, he picks her up at her college in England, where he “enrolled her” a few years back, and flies to a business meeting in Jakarta. His private jet, however, never makes it to Indonesia. After a quarrel with his daughter, Igor gives orders to land the plane on a random field somewhere in Northern Goa, India. Down goes the ramp and the girl walks out into the darkness. By the time Igor comes to his senses, Eva is nowhere to be seen. He tries to organize a search party using the local police, but the laws and mechanisms he is used to back home do not work here. The word “search” becomes key not only to Igor himself, but to everyone in this movie, replete with numerous characters.