January 15, 2018

Russian Space Drama Salyut 7 is the Seventh Top-Grossing Film in China

Preliminary data from the weekend box office revenue in China just came in. The Russian space drama Salyut 7 is the seventh top-grossing film in China with 11.8 million yuan ($1.82 million).

The results of Klim Shipenko’s film are even slightly better than The Viking from December last year (11.62 million yuan) but slightly below Defenders in May last year (15.83 million yuan).

The relative share of screenings on the release day of Salyut 7 was significantly lower than that of the other two: 6.8 percent vs. 8.8 and 13.3 percent, respectively. The number of screenings dropped already on Saturday (4.2 percent), and continued to dwindle the following Sunday (3.7 percent). The first three days brought 370,000 viewers to the theatres.