March 25, 2016

Sergey Selyanov, Alexander Boyarsky, and Konstantin Bronzit Received the Presidential Awards

On March 25, Vladimir Putin gave Presidential Awards for Achievements in Literature and Art for Children and Adolescents for the year 2015.

Among the recipients of the awards were head of the CTB Film Company Sergey Selyanov, producer of Melnitsa Studios Alexander Boyarsky, and director Konstantin Bronzit. They were awarded for their contribution to the animated film industry.

The address of Sergey Selyanov at the award ceremony:

“Dear friends and colleagues,

This is an important sign of support. All of us, Melnitsa Studios, the producer, and myself, we understand that what we do—and today’s event is yet another confirmation of that—is of the utmost importance to our country. Animation is at the heart of our country. The images that animators create are an essential part of a human being. Without them we would be incomplete.

I have been watching cartoons since I was four, when my parents bought their first TV set. From that moment on, I have been fascinated by them. Everything good in me I attribute to Russian animation; everything bad—oh, I don’t know where it came from. Someplace else. The unique achievements of Russian animation is at its peak, the way I see it. And Konstantin Bronzit, is at certainly at the forefront. Russian animation has existed throughout many periods of our history, and Konstantin’s personal awards that he has received throughout the years are testimony to this.

We have made a significant leap; we make films for TV and theaters, and people love what we do. It’s really great, when you think about it. It truly humbles me to get so many accolades for what I do.

More than that, we are beginning to conquer international markets. It might not be quite as obvious today, but I think it’s in the cards—Russian animation is among the world’s best. It is as convertible as oil and black caviar, and just like our black caviar, our animation is of the highest quality in the world.

What am I driving at? Well, Mr. President, we have come up with a comprehensive solution—it is not overly complex and shouldn’t be too taxing for the government. We simply need a little more leverage. We are all very enthusiastic about it. What the industry needs is about 300 million rubles annually. Hardly a significant sum, in my opinion.

Thank you!”