June 2, 2015

The Animated Feature “Sheep and Wolves” comes is out in April 2016

April 28, 2016, is the official release date of Sheep and Wolves, a new animated feature by Wizart Animation and CTB Film Company. The feature will be distributed in Russia by Nashe Kino.

Sheep and Wolves is an educational comedy for the entire family. The original screenplay was written by an American screenwriter Neil Landau (Las aventuras de Tadeo Jones, 2012). The screenplay was also co-written by Sakhar, 1 kg Art Group (The Ghost, 2015) and Maxim Sveshnikov (Yelki lokhmatye, 2014; Alyosha Popovich and the Tugarian Dragon, 2004; Ilya Muromets and Sparrow the Robber, 2007). The feature was directed by Maxim Volkov and Andrey Galat.

The film tells the story of a young and carefree wolf by the name of Grey, who gets himself into a confrontation with one of the strongest wolves in the pack. While playing childish pranks on his adversary, Grey gets into his beloved Bianca’s bad book. To mend his ways, Grey decides to turn to a witch, hoping her magic potion will help him change and bring back the love of Bianca. Unfortunately, things don’t go exactly according to plan, and after drinking the potion Grey turns into a sheep. Find out what happens next on April 28, 2016.

Sheep and Wolves is a family animated film that will appeal to a broad audience. The feature was presented to international film distributors at a film market in Cannes and enjoyed an immediate interest. The film has already secured theater distribution contracts in the Baltic states, Bulgaria, and Pakistan.

Sheep and Wolves
Format: Full-length animated feature
Studios: CTB Film Company, Wizart Animation
Producers: Sergey Selianov, Vladimir Nikolaev, Yuri Moskvin
Screenplay: Neil Landau, Sakhar 1 kg, Maxim Sveshnikov
Directors: Maxim Volkov, Andrey Galat
Runtime: 78 min
Cinematographic process: Digital 3D (source format)

In a magical faraway land, among pastures green and high hills, there lived carefree sheep in a cozy little village. They lived happily for many a year, until a pack of wolves arrived to dwell in an abandoned ravine nearby. Magra, the pack’s old leader announces a tournament, the winner of which would become his successor. The only wolf to challenge the bloodthirsty and powerful Earless is Grey, a lovable but not too witty protagonist of our story. To win the tournament (and the lost love of his girlfriend Bianca) Grey goes into the woods to seek the help of an old witch. The witch offers him a position of transmutation. After downing the magic concoction, Grey returns to the pack and goes straight to Bianca only to find out he had turned into a … sheep!