December 2, 2020

Sony will distribute Sergey Selyanov’s films

Sergey Selyanov’s CTB Film Company have agreed on a partnership with Sony Pictures, which will distribute to theatres all of the producer’s projects.

Until now, distribution was carried out by the company “Nashe Kino” of mister Selyanov and Igor Tolstunov. Now it will have a new owner – producer Maksim Rogalskiy. The business model will be changed as well – the company will deal with the distribution of independent and festival films.

Sony Picture will become an exclusive distributor of films of CTB Film Company and its partners – as CEO of Sony Pictures in Russia – Anton Sirenko and SEO of CTB Film Company told to “Kommersant”. “We are adding to the portfolio at the expense of the local content, which we consider to be of strategic importance. The proportion of CTB films was 2-5% of the national box-office (at the end of 2019 it was appraised at 55,4 billion rubles – “Kommersant”), and our goal is to increase it” – said mister Sirenko. He also specified that the partnership isn’t limited by terms and will be prolonged in case of mutual contentment.

The parties don’t reveal the terms of the partnership, but that’s not about paying of the minimal guarantees (fixed amounts that are paid to the producer), says Sergey Selyanov.

“It is good and convenient for us to work with Sony: it’s a global brand, thanks to the list of productions the company holds a great position on the market” – he adds. In 2020 CTB Film Company has already released the “Cosmoball”. It has raised 107 billion rubles with a budget of 900 million rubles. Until the end of the year the studio will release “The Barkers: Mind the Cats!” and the tenth part of the animated film about the heroes “Horse Julius And Big Horse Racing” together Sony.

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Author: Anna Afanasieva