May 30, 2019

Teaser and poster of the animated cartoon Fantastic Return to Oz

We present you the teaser and the poster of the animated fairytale “Fantastic Return to Oz”. Coming out on October 24th, 2019!

Synopsis: Ellie and her loyal dog Totoshka are back to Magic Land just in time. Urfin Jus, who had lost his army of wooden soldiers, didn’t quit spoiling life for everyone, and is trying to seize the power again. Gingema’s magic book, that grants any wish of its owner, has got into the hands of Urfin, which means that Strashila, the Iron Woodman and the Cowardly Lion are in danger. Ellie, Totoshka and their new friend Tim decided to help the residents of the Magic Land out. Especially since Tim likes Ellie. And what wouldn’t you do for love, even stupid things. Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone can fix them.