December 25, 2018

The “Aquaman” sound designer has finished his work on the film “The Mystery of the Dragon’s Seal”

The work on sound design of the film “The Mystery of the Dragon’s Seal” has been finished. The film is coming out on September 19th, 2019. Its’ producers decided to entrust such a tusk to the Hollywood specialists.

In the prequel of the cartographer Jonathan Green’s adventures – the “Viy 3D”, in charge of the sound work was Bob Beemer – the Hollywood pro, who has been nominated 8 times for the Oscar and has won it 4 times.

This time the producers invited a good friend of Beemer – Gary C. Bourgeois, who became famous not only because of his great works such as the Oscar-winner “The Man Who Skied Down Everest”, but also thanks to the partnership with popular musicians – Jenys Joplin and Bob Dylan.

Beemer and Bourgeois are not only colleagues, but also friends who always compete with each other. Once Beemer said that the “Viy 3d” project was a professional challenge to him as he had never mixed Russian folklore with the monsters’ voices before that. And now Borgeois is in Moscow, ready to show his skills and mastery in sound mixing. The “The Mystery of the Dragon’s Seal” amazed Borgeois and according to him, he was even more delighted when he saw his old friend Arnold Schwarzenegger on the screen. That’s why he gladly agreed to work on the project with participation of the actor.

One more Hollywood specialist works with the sound of the “The Mystery of the Dragon’s Seal” – Harry Cohen. He was ensured with making up and producing those monster’s voices.

By the way, one of his last works – blockbuster “Aquaman” is being showed in Russian cinemas. The film about new adventures of Jonathan Green is coming out on September 19th, 2019.