April 3, 2019

The second teaser trailer and the final poster of “The Mystery of the Dragon’s Seal”

We present to your attention premier of the second teaser trailer and the final poster of The Mystery of the Dragon’s Seal film.

The main roles in the film were performed by Jason Flemyng, Charles Dance, Rutger Hauer, Anna Churina, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan.

The filmmakers promise to show on screen the real scramble between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan.

The Mystery of the Dragon’s Seal is the second part of the director Oleg Stepchenko franchise about the traveller and cartographer Jonathan Green (Jason Flemyng). The first film of the saga is called “Viy 3D”. It was released in 2014 and became the first Russian film that gathered one milliard rubbles in Russia. The writers of the picture used motives and images from Nikolai Gogol’s story. According to the plot, during his journey from Europe to the East, in the lost little village in Transcarpathia Green meets a mystical creature.

In The Mystery of the Dragon’s Seal, the viewers will meet the main hero Jonathan Green again, who was commissioned by Peter the Great to map the Far East territories of the Russian Empire. During the journey, the European scientist gets to China and meets the mysterious creatures again, who seemed to exist in myths and legends only.

The set took place in Czech, China and Russia. During the filmmaking, there was involved a unique international team (a total of more than 540 people from 10 countries). In the picture participated actors from Russia, China, America and England. Despite the fact that we are going to meet the cartographer Jonathan Green performed by Jason Flemyng and Lord Dudley performed by Charles Dance, we are about to get to know an absolutely new and real legends – Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan, Rutger Hauer, Martin Klebba, Christopher Fairbank.

Jackie Chan plays the Master – a mysterious prisoner of the Tower and Arnold Schwarzenegger performs as James Hook – fearsome chief of the Tower prison.

“The scope of the movie is truly fantastic. Seeing the footage was amazing – it’s grand – says about the film Arnold Schwarzenegger – and I liked the plot and my character. He’s the head of the Tower of London, from where no one could run away for 500 years. He’s really strict. One of the prisoners is Jackie Chan’s character. Of course, there occurs a conflict, because my character needs to be confident about the prison order and about the fact that all prisoners are under lock and key. But I decide to give him a chance: if he manages to defeat me in a fight, he will be released. And we have a fight, can you imagine that?! Great movie. I love Jackie Chan so much and have great respect for him. Today he’s one of the biggest stars on the international level, one of the best martial art experts. Working with him is always a pleasure. We had a great time during the set, worked well together. We had many fighting scenes and he has a great team of stunt people. So I wasn’t the only person with an accent, which I liked. It’s an advantage here because someone speaks with a Russian accent, someone with the German, British, Chinese or Austrian one. As a result, we almost got Babylon there! A mix of all the cultures. I think that the movie is about that – about the communication of different cultures. And it’s a great experience. I think it can be really good for different countries. The film has to be seen not only in Russia but also in Asia, Europe, Australia, America – all over the world”.

For the first time, a Russian film is created in co-production with China. As a part of co-production was signed a contract between the Corporation “Russian Film Group” and China Film Group company according to which the picture received the status of a national film in the PRC.

“This is really the first time in the history of Russian-Chinese relations, when cinematographers got an official Chinese government permission for co-production – says Aleksey A. Petrukhin – we had a long and tedious way from the beginning of our relations with the Chinese cinema market to get the permission in the radio, print and cinema committee of PRC. It is important that thanks to co-production the film will be national in China, which will allow it to be released in the maximum possible amount of copies. As we know, the distribution market of PRC has already exceeded the number of cinemas in USA – the biggest one”.

The Mystery of the Dragon’s Seal will become new Russian picture that will be shown in IMAX. This is the seventh Russian film in IMAX in history of corporation work in Russia. Viewers will be pleased to see the bright plot and expressive effects, but the real present for the viewers would be the unique cast – Yuri Kolokolnikov, Aleksandr Robak, Igor Jijiline, Anna Churina, Pavel Volya, Rutger Hauer, Jason Flemyng, Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Mystery of the Dragon’s Seal will be released on September 19th.

Information about the film:

Release date: 19 September 2019
Format: Feature film
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Director: Oleg Stepchenko
Writer: Oleg Stepchenko, Alexey Petrukhin
Producer: La Peikang, Zhou Maofei, Jackie Chan, Fang Yingchun, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gleb Fetisov, Sergey Selyanov, Alexey A. Petrukhin
Production: Russia, China
Production Companies: China Film Co., Ltd, Sparkle Roll Media Corporation, Caina International Pictures Co.,Ltd, Fetisoff Illusion, CTB Film Company, Russian Film Group with support from the Film Fund
Distributor: Nashe Kino
Actors: Jason Flemyng, Xingtong Yao, Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Anna Churina, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Rutger Hauer, Pavel Volya, Charles Dance, Ma Li, Luu Brothers, Alexandr Robak, Andrei Merzlikin, Martin Klebba
Length: 121 min.
Colour: Colour