August 21, 2016

Today Is Producer Sergey Selyanov’s Birthday

The man behind over 120 films, more than a hundred awards from all over the world, most culturally significant films of the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s.

The creator of CTB Film Company, Melnitsa Studio, and Nashe Kino distribution company, producer of all the films by director Balabanov, and a plethora of the highest-grossing Russian animated features about the Three Heroes, the godfather of many successful debut films, a relentless anti-piracy activist, three-time Oscar nominee, and a dark genius with a great sense of humor—this is the man we are celebrating today, Sergey Selyanov.

He was named Producer of the Year (2009) by GQ, and “the only Russian producer whose name is a brand of its own in the area of film production” by Expert.

This year, Sergey Selyanov was the recipient of the Presidential Award for Contribution to the Development of National Cinema.

He took many risks and won; he can take on a project of any complexity, because he loves what he is doing. Like the protagonists of Konstantin Broznit’s film Selyanov produced, “can’t live without space.” Coming in spring 2017 is a new project by Mr. Selyanov, Salyut 7.