February 8, 2019

Wizart will present a new cartoon by the Melnitsa Animation Studio and CTB Film Company at EFM

Within the EFM (European Film Market) the Wizart company is starting international selling of the animated cartoon “Urfin Jus 2”.

Wizart has acted as a sales-agent of the biggest Russian Animation Studio – Melnitsa at film markets before. The first Film – “Fantastic Journey to OZ”, which came out in 2017, has made almost $7 million during the world distribution and the Wizart organized releases of the picture in China, Korea, Latin America, Germany, Great Britain etc.

Ellie and her loyal dog Totoshka are back to Magic Land just in time. Urfin Jus, who had lost his army of wooden soldiers, didn’t quit spoiling life for everyone, and trying to seize the power again. Gingema’s magic book, that grants any wish of its owner, has got into the hands of Urfin, which means that Strashila, the Iron Woodman and the Cowardly Lion are in danger. Ellie, Totoshka and their new friend Tim decided to help the residents of the Magic Land out. Especially since Tim likes Ellie. And what wouldn’t you do for love, even stupid things. Everyone make mistakes, but not everyone can fix them.

Sergey Selyanov, the general producer of the CTB Film Company: “Cartoons are like vitamins for everyone. Both kids and adults like them because the world needs fairytales. We think that our story about an ordinary girl who gets in the magic land will be interesting and demanded for spectators of all ages”.

Yuriy Moskvin, general producer of the Wizart: “‘Fantastic Journey to OZ’ was seen by 30 countries. The project has participated in many Russian and international film festivals. Urfin Jus’ adventures has been already popular in Europe, while the cartoon has introduced the story to Asian, Middle Eastern and Latin American audience. Within the EFM the sequel will be presented to the buyers for the first time. The premiere screening of the finished project is set for the February 10th.